BB players leaving isn't surprising or unsettling

Today’s news that two more players are leaving the Utah basketball program is not that surprising or unsettling.
I knew Carlon Brown wasn’t that happy and may be leaving, but coach Jim Boylen told me last week that no main players would be leaving. So that was a surprise. Chris Hines’ departure was no surprise because I’d heard from several sources that he wanted to go somewhere he could play more that was closer to home.
As for the impact on the program, I don’t see it being a large negative.
A lot of fans might be alarmed at the idea of four underclassmen leaving their program. But it used to happen on an annual basis when Rick Majerus was the coach and the Utes survived. Three of the departees weren’t going to play much next year anyway and the fourth, although a talented player, may not be missed that much for various reasons.
Brown is a good guy, one of the friendlier players I’ve ever covered at the U. But he wasn’t as effective as a go-to guy as he was as a role player his first two years. Also he wasn’t the greatest team player this past year and if he expected to be “the man” next year as a senior, that could have been disruptive to team chemistry, similar to this year.
So who will take Brown’s place? Well, this opens up more minutes at the small forward spot for Shawn Glover, who showed flashes of potential last year. Incoming freshman J.J. O’Brien has been described as a taller version (6-foot-6) of Brown and another incoming freshman, swingman Dominique Lee, is known as a slasher and a very good rebounder. Plus, the Ute coaches are still out there recruiting.
Unless another Ute player or two jumps ship in the coming weeks, the Utes should survive these latest departures.

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